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Expectations have changed

Manufacturers are now challenged to reinvent their business models to stay competitive. There is a growing need to increase operational efficiency and perform more data-driven decisions.

To combat these challenges, industrial manufacturers and OEMs must take advantage of digital technologies such as IIoT solutions and predictive maintenance to maximize operational efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, and cut costs with optimized maintenance resources. Are you ready for the future?

Our vision

At the core of everything we do at Sensorfy, innovation and sustainability are our main drivers. Together as a team, we strive to create a more suitable world by lengthening the lifetime of industrial equipment and machines using custom IoT solutions for predictive maintenance. ROI is achieved quickly with optimized maintenance resources, reduced unplanned downtime, and longer equipment lifetimes.

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Our mission

Our mission is to help customers solve their business challenges through technological innovation. At Sensorfy we help OEM companies with their operational challenges by creating custom IoT solutions to enable new business models like servitization and predictive maintenance.

By visualizing sensor data we’re providing customers with key insights they never had before. This empowers them to make better decisions and run a more efficient maintenance strategy.

Why Sensorfy

sensorfy technical innovation lab

Technological innovation

We help customers solve their business challenges through technological innovation. With sensor know-how, IoT engineering expertise, and data analytics we keep them on top of technology trends in their industry.

sensorfy team transparent partnership

Transparent partnership

Radical transparency is at the heart of our organization. With our agile way of working we keep customers informed continuously. Customers see us as an extension of their R&D team.

sensorfy at lab strategic vision

Strategic vision

With our product knowledge and industry expertise, we help customers design and build new business models for predictive maintenance. This enables them to create predictable revenue streams and become a leader in their market.

Passionate about
industry 4.0
smarter maintenance
sustainable technology

Meet the team

We are a fast-growing, young and international company, operating at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Customers see us as an extension of their R&D team. With our agile way of working we keep customers informed during the complete product development process to build long-lasting partnerships based on trust.

Gijs MeulemanFounder & CEO
Frank den RidderBusiness Development Director
Jeroen KoeterR&D Manager
Kyra HendrixMarketing Manager
Carmen van den BoogaardOffice Manager

Customer cases

Johan ZelanderVossloh Nordic Switch Systems AB

Vossloh's smart sensor solution helps avoid unplanned downtime due to switch malfunctions, increase the efficiency of maintenance work and thus significantly boosts track availability.

Rene PanmanTrust Category Manager

Together with Trust, Sensorfy developed the next-generation smart bridge to make consumers home smart. With the new smart bridge, customers can connect all their smart devices to it and control everything from the app

Lex van der PoelManaging Director

We supported Dual Inventive with industrial design for their innovative railway technology, which reduces the international capacity problem and makes railroad maintenance safer.

Dick van de VenProduct Design

To prevent eggs from breaking during transportation, Sensorfy developed an electronic egg packed with motion and vibration sensors. These sensors register all movements of a fresh egg on the conveyer belt.

Supplier Door SolutionsGlobal Manufacturer

To ensure an operational time of over 98%, Sensorfy equipped automatic sliding doors with with vibration sensors. Our customer is now able to schedule maintenance well in advance and prevent unplanned downtime.

Bernardus HoltropManaging Director

Together with DBI, Sensorfy developed a real-time access control mechanism for industrial waste containers. The control system is connected to the cloud 24/7 and helped DBI to improve customer satisfaction significantly.

At Sensorfy we empower industrial IoT predictive maintenance solutions

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