Sensorfy enters predictive monitoring market, focus on industrial smart assets

Meuleman Electronics, a leading industry 4.0 innovator for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and a renewal to its corporate vision.

At the heart of this rebranding is a change of the company name to Sensorfy, a fresh visual identity, and a strengthened value proposition. Sensorfy delivers the most accurate predictive monitoring solutions for industrial companies, with a focus on OEMs.

Over the past 18 months, Sensorfy has seen a significant rise in customer requests for predictive monitoring services, combined with analytical software. With years of proven experience in the development of complex sensors for industrials, the company is now optimizing its value proposition.

Smart sensors are custom designed to monitor industrial assets in real-time. A standardized platform processes the outcomes with machine learning technology on the edge, before transmitting the data to the (customer) cloud. Using advanced analytics, Sensorfy translates the cloud data into actionable insights for manufacturers.

A big step forward in industrial maintenance

“It’s an important milestone for the company, and a big step forward in empowering industrial companies throughout Europe to run more reliable, profitable, and sustainable operations,” said Gijs Meuleman, CEO and founder of Sensorfy. “The rebranding is a logical outcome of our intensified work with manufacturers to ‘sensorfy’ all their assets and implement a full-blown predictive maintenance strategy.”

Meuleman clearly refers to the major digitization that is happening in the global manufacturing industry, a trend that is expected to accelerate in 2021:

  • Manufacturers and plant owners are working hard to transition from a reactive or preventive approach to a predictive maintenance strategy.
  • Impactful changes to roll-out predictive conditioning are realized by investing in smart assets and analytics to obtain real-time maintenance insights.
  • Value is measured in reduced unplanned downtime, better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and longer asset lifetimes.

Along with the rebranding, Sensorfy finalized extended partnerships with new and existing customers, is adding engineering and commercial staff to its head office, and will soon be releasing a new version of its standardized IoT-platform.

“ We empower industrial companies to run more predictable -and thus profitable- operations. ”
Gijs Meuleman
CEO & founder

About Sensorfy

Sensorfy is a leading industry 4.0 innovator and enables predictive maintenance for industrial companies. By integrating Sensorfy’s smart sensors and advanced analytics, manufacturers get real-time insights in the health of their assets, reduce unplanned downtime, realize better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and lengthen the lifetime of their assets.

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