The Future is Now

Today we launched a creative campaign in which we urge industrial companies to update their professional expectations to modern times. As the core of this campaign we proudly present our new animation “The Future is Now” in which we show why Original Equipment Manufacturers should embrace predictive maintenance.

This is our journey into a more sustainable industrial future, and you can be a part of it.

Gijs Meuleman, CEO and founder of Sensorfy, explains: “What we see on a daily basis is how technological advancements cause acceleration of digitization, sustainability and efficiency. Yet many OEMs have no clue of the possibilities out there, enabling them to improve their business. Expectations are still very low, while the solutions have been around for a while. We would like to create that awareness.

A more sustainable industry

A study by PWC shows that 9 out of 10 industrial companies believe digitization offers their companies more opportunities than risks. Still many organizations keep struggling to implement digital change. Therefore Sensorfy created a campaign to share its vision on a more sustainable industry.

Predictive maintenance is seen as the future. Natural resources are scarce and it is crucial to treat them carefully. Limiting industrial waste, getting insights in processes and creating more reliable assets all lead to significant cost reductions and better lifecycle management.

New and improved business models

Meuleman elaborates: “This is about changing the mindset. Many OEMs built their business model on manufacturing and replacement of assets. They are afraid that accurate predictions of maintenance and a longer lifecycle of assets will decrease their revenue. But the opposite is true. Smart technologies enable new and improved business models. That’s what we help our customers with. And we have never experienced that ‘the old situation’ was more profitable.

Get smart today with predictive maintenance

We believe the future lies within predictive maintenance and have dedicated ourselves to developing custom made sensors and matching software to help machine manufacturers and their clients run their production process as efficient as possible. As it is, predictive maintenance is of core value for the highest efficiency and maximum result.

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