As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, our customer provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors.

The company also offer solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. In 2020, the organization had annual sales of EUR 9.9 billion, and over 60,000 employees worldwide.

Revolving door predictive maintenance


Doors are essential for the flow of people in and out buildings. They also provide security to the people who work in the building, and make sure no people enter the building when it’s not allowed.  When an automated door in a public building fails, it will cause a lot of problems for the people who use the door on a day to day basis. Including reduced safety. Therefore our customer needed a solution to predict door failure in advance.


To ensure the automated sliding doors reach an operational time of over 98%, the movement of the doors is monitored with vibration sensors. Sensor information is sent to the cloud via a LTE-M Gateway, and in the cloud an algorithm calculates the moment the door will possibly fail. Our customer is now able to schedule maintenance well in advance and prevent unplanned downtime. This helps to guarantee a safe and continuous people flow.

Two people waiting for elevator doors

Future potential

With a fully sensorfied door mechanism, not only door failure can be predicted. The sensor data can also be utilized to filter out existing weak parts in the door’s mechanism design.

Sensorfy sliding door smart sensor
Lex van der PoelManaging Director

We supported Dual Inventive with industrial design for their innovative railway technology, which reduces the international capacity problem and makes railroad maintenance safer.

Dick van de VenProduct Design

To prevent eggs from breaking during transportation, Sensorfy developed an electronic egg packed with motion and vibration sensors. These sensors register all movements of a fresh egg on the conveyer belt.

Bernardus HoltropManaging Director

Together with DBI, Sensorfy developed a real-time access control mechanism for industrial waste containers. The control system is connected to the cloud 24/7 and helped DBI to improve customer satisfaction significantly.

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