DBI Container Service BV is a reliable partner in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the delivery of above and underground waste (mini) containers. DBI CS’ many years of experience has resulted in new circular products and smart IT solutions for the waste sector.

The waste industry is continuously challenged to contribute to a cleaner living environment. DBI Container Service delivers innovative circular products and smart IT solutions for waste control. The company handles everything from renting out and installing containers to the maintenance of waste assets.

DBI Container Service underground container


Most container units work with a pre-configured card system, which can not be upgraded realtime with new subscribers. So often it takes a few days before one can get access to the container, because the system needs to be upgraded with your ID. This is very cumbersome in situations where subscribers come and go on a regular basis (for instance at holiday parks).


In close cooperation with DBI, Sensorfy developed a real-time access control mechanism. The control system is connected to the cloud 24/7. As soon as a new subscriber is added in the back-end, this particular subscriber can immediately gain access to the container. There is no need to upgrade subscriber- lists during the night, which is common with many current systems.

DBI Container Service smart control

Discover DBI's smart waste management solution

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“ Sensorfy helped us enhance customer satisfaction and reduce unplanned downtime. ”
Bernardus Holtrop
Managing Director
DBI Container Service

Future potential

The smart industrial system designed for DBI Container Service can easily be extended in the future. By sensorfying the container roll itself, a lot of data can provide insights in the wear of the cylinder and the cylinder suspension. This way the breakdown of the container’s main function can be predicted, and maintenance can be scheduled on time to prevent unplanned downtime.

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