Dual Inventive is specialized in maximizing the rail capacity for operators, and also focuses on enhancing the reliability of the railroad.

Railways around the world are full to bursting with passenger and freight demand showing no sign of slowing. Sensorfy supported Dual Inventive with industrial design for Dual Inventive’s technology to solve the international railway’s capacity problem. Without having to compromise on workforce safety or accept financial efficiencies.

Railroad safety device Dual Inventive ZKL 3000 RC


With the number of services rising steadily year on year, essential maintenance is becoming increasingly important. However, as the number of services increases, track access times are squeezed, meaning that more work must be done in less time. As a result, the pressure is mounted upon the workforce raising the number of safety-related incidents.


Sensorfy worked on the industrial design for a new version of Dual Inventive’s smart track circuit operating device (known as the ZKL 3000 RC). It is a remotely operated, self-monitoring and fail-safe T-COD (Track Circuit Operating Device).

With the ZKL 3000 RC authorized railway employees can take the railway out of service in a controlled and remote manner and create a safe working environment.

Once installed and activated, it simulates a train in the chosen section turning the signal red and subsequently halting oncoming traffic. Managed by preassigned users, the system allows for real-time control and monitoring of devices from a smartphone, utilising MTinfo 3000, the powerful cloud ecosystem for the rail sector.

Dual Inventive faster access railroad maintenance

The ZKL 3000 RC can be installed and tested before planned maintenance, minimising opportunities for mistakes and irregularities.

The device is placed on the track once and can be switched on and off remotely within a few seconds via MTinfo 3000 on a smartphone or tablet, without an employee having to enter the track.

Installation can be undertaken during the day, in a possession or line block, or during low traffic hours. It can then be left in track for up to two years, which further reduces risks faced by track workers.

“ The development process with Sensorfy was very valuable and we significantly reduced our Time to Market. ”
Lex van der Poel
Managing Director
Dual Inventive

Future potential

With the ZKL 3000 RC a line blockage can be taken and handed back in less than 10 seconds (on average). Therefore railroad maintenance suppliers gain time during the line blockage, meaning more work can be carried out between trains and overall project times are decreased significantly.

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