The Vencomatic Group delivers solutions for a successful poultry husbandry with the lowest possible environmental impact, while achieving the highest animal welfare levels.

One of the biggest challenges globally is how to feed the growing world population, while reducing the use of natural sources. The Vencomatic Group has turned it into its mission to make poultry sustainable. Running a profitable business while establishing the best possible living conditions for animals is the group’s continuous ambition.

Sensorfy industrial egg harvesting


One of the biggest problems in a poultry husbandry is the transportation of fresh eggs. As you might understand, eggs are very fragile products. Therefore transportation is done over conveyor belts. The belts need accurate fine-tuning to make sure the eggs don’t break during transportation. To solve this challenge, Vencomatic Group was looking for a solution to carefully map movement of its eggs during the transportation process.


Sensorfy developed an electronic egg that contains several motion and vibration sensors. These sensors register all movements of a regular egg during its journey on the conveyer belt. The data extracted from this proces creates a clear image of the weak spots on the conveyer belt. This enables Vencomatic Group to take exactly the right measures to smoothen the travel of fresh eggs.
Vencomatic Group smart sensor egg
“ Teaming up with Sensorfy has helped us to take our product and service to the next level. ”
Dick van de Ven
Product Design
Vencomatic Group

Future potential

Data generated by the smart egg is not limited to installation of the conveyer belt only. The wear of the belt system can be registered continuously as well, and defects can be predicted on time.

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