Monitor your industrial assets in real-time

Get started with industrial asset health monitoring. With our industrial IoT services, we help you innovate your maintenance strategy with real-time asset condition monitoring that enables predictive maintenance.

Custom industrial IoT solutions
that enable predictive maintenance

At Sensorfy we make your industrial assets smart! With your goals in mind, we provide industrial IoT services to design your custom IoT solutions that enable predictive maintenance. We combine advanced IIoT sensor systems and advanced analytics to enable asset health monitoring.

Reduce machine downtime, lower maintenance costs, and increase throughput

Digital transformation, industry 4.0, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are changing the way machine builders do business. Are you ready to transform your maintenance strategy? We provide industrial IoT services to design the next generation IIoT solutions; fully customized to your needs.

Optimize your operations & increase your productivity

The benefits of our industrial IoT platform for predictive maintenance

Monitor your assets
in real-time

With smart sensors and data analytics you can monitor all your assets in real-time. We provide actionable insights to keep your assets working at their best.

Reduce unplanned
machine downtime

With our IIoT solutions, we identify machine defects on time and provide actionable insights to help eliminate machine downtime, hence reducing the total cost of ownership.

Reduce maintenance

With predictive maintenance, you can optimize your asset’s maintenance processes and improve productivity through data-driven decisions to reduce operational costs.

Optimize the delivery
of spare parts

Ensures a smooth and timely delivery of spare parts. Optimize your asset’s throughput and lengthen it’s lifetime.

Meet safety and
quality regulations

With predictive insights your maintenance team can spot performance gaps to improve safety and reduce risks.

Remote monitoring
of assets

Secure knowledge and expertise in technology. We enable remote monitoring to help assets running smooth — even when workers can’t be on-site.

Industrial IoT services designed
with your goals in mind

We’ve worked with several industrial manufacturers to design scalable custom-made Industrial IoT solutions to monitor their assets in real-time. Our technical knowledge makes the difference! We’ve built an IoT predictive maintenance platform that ensures the highest industrial IoT standards. We integrate smart wireless sensors and advanced analytics to enable predictive maintenance to monitor your industrial assets in real-time.

Sensorfy's IoT Predictive Maintenance Platform


How we ensure a successful IoT development process

Our multi-disciplinary development team has established
a process aimed at ensuring your project’s success.


Why Sensorfy

Our smart IoT predictive maintenance platform

Quickly scalable IIoT solutions to get even more control over your assets by monitoring their health in real-time.

analytics of industrial iot services for predictive maintenance

Actionable insights with
predictive analytics

Optimize your scarce maintenance resources for industrial assets that actually need maintenance.

engineering of industrial iot services for predictive maintenance

Help OEM’s to innovate their manufacturing business models

With over a decade of experience, we know how to support OEM’s to becoming successful in this digital era.

Ready to start monitoring
your industrial equipment & operations?

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