Changing the industry
for better good.

Empowering predictable and sustainable industries.
Our mission is smart.

Expectations have changed.

We ask Siri of Alexa if we should take an umbrella when going out.
We follow our pizza delivery guy on a map in real-time.
We don’t hit the road if Google tells us there’s a traffic jam ahead.

So why do we still like surprises regarding the health of our industrial assets?
Well, we don’t. No one does.

It’s time for the future of maintenance.

Our team consists of highly skilled people
who enjoy working at the crossroads of hardware and software.
We work with forward-thinking industrials to build
the world’s most accurate predictive technology.

We love

👩🏻‍💻 Technology
👌🏼 Quality work
🗽 Freedom
🧐 Technical challenges
🔗 Collaboration
😇 Honesty
🏳️‍🌈 Equality

We dislike

📜 Conservativeness
💔 Broken promises
🤫 Disrespect
🎲 Ignorance
😈 Division
🤯 Narrow-minds
🙅🏻‍♀️ Sloppy work

Live a little

You have a life outside of work. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why you are free to choose your own start and finishing time, so long as the work gets done. We might just interrupt early on Fridays with an invitation for team drinks.

Never too late

There might be times where we rely on you to put in a few extra hours to hit a deadline. But living a happy and balanced life is our main priority. We dislike working late and your life away from a screen is always leading.

The extra stuff

Join our pack and get rewarded with a pension scheme, competitive salaries, access to online learning, the latest technology to work with, and regular team gatherings. The road to big achievements should be paved with good times.


Our office screams technical challenges, and is a space for collaboration and establishing awesome work. We also realize the impact of travel on our lives and on the environment. That’s why we encourage a good balance in working remotely/in the office.

Be part of
something bigger

Join our team. Make impact.

What’s it’s like to work at Sensorfy?

Like riding a unicorn 🦄