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From reactive to proactive waste management

Say goodbye to a reactive approach to waste management. With our ICBIS waste management system, cities can transition to proactive waste management strategies, allowing for predictive analytics and optimized resource allocation.

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Cleaner streets by reduced littering

By implementing our ICBIS waste management solution, cities can significantly reduce littering and trash accumulation in public spaces.

Real-time monitoring and intelligent waste collection algorithms ensure cleaner streets and a healthier environment for all.

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Smarter waste management operations

Our complete hardware and software system empowers waste management teams with advanced tools and functionalities to streamline operations.

From route optimization and scheduling to automated alerts and reporting, we make waste management smarter and more efficient than ever before. This helps you keep the environment clean, reduce costs and prevent complaints.

Why customers choose our
ICBIS waste management system

icbis waste management system platform
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A complete range of
waste management functionalities

Join the modern way of managing waste

icbis waste management system platform

AI-powered route optimization

Is your waste collection still operating on a fixed schedule, regardless of container fill levels? Don’t waste time, fuel, and equipment.

Embrace a modern approach with our smart sensors, predicting when containers will reach capacity. ICBIS automatically integrates nearly full containers into the pickup schedule, generating optimal routes for your trucks.

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Intuitive user experience

At ICBIS, we believe in putting you in control. That’s why our waste container management system is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. No thick manuals needed – our intuitive user interface ensures that you can navigate the system effortlessly.

For municipalities and citizens alike, our waste solution offers modern and interactive user interfaces. Whether accessing the system through a mobile app or a browser, you’ll find a contemporary design, interactive feedback, and a simple menu structure.

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Empower citizens with ICBIS citizen's portal

With the ICBIS Citizen’s Portal, empower your citizens with insights into their waste activities. Easily track mini container emptying and insight into their waste deposits. Stay updated with the waste collection calendar and sorting guidelines, or new passes with ease. Empower citizens to take control of their waste management for a cleaner, sustainable environment.

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Made in The Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • ICBIS is a product fully powered by Sensorfy
  • All technology is designed, built and tested in Eindhoven
  • Rely on 8+ years of experience in IoT development

We’re an ambitious organization driven by the purpose of enabling circular economies through smart technology.

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These industry leaders trust in Sensorfy

In Sensorfy, we found a forward leaning partner, and succeeded in developing a value-creating product. This is just the beginning.

Johan Zelander
Johan Zelander
Project Manager

Sensorfy is an extension to our own R&D team. Their antenna specialists managed to double the range of our gateway. They really think out-of-the-box and we highly value their drive to deliver outstanding quality.

rene trust zoom
Rene Panman
Category Manager Smart Home

The development process with Sensorfy was very valuable and we significantly reduced our Time to Market.

Lex van der Poel Dual Inventive
Lex van der Poel
Managing Director

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