How can manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery benefit from digitalization and embrace predictive maintenance for industrial equipment and machinery with smart industrial IoT solutions?

Different types of industrial equipment and machinery

Manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery manufacture and assemble different kinds of products—ranging from small-scale machines to industrial components and tools for industrial applications. We can classify them in the following categories

production line of food_industrial machines
quality testing machines_industrial machines
conveyor belt_industrial machines
industrial water pump_industrial machines
industrial cutter for cars_safety machine_industrial machines
packaging machines_industrial machines
_forklift entering truck_industrial machines
transformers powerline_industrial machines
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Optimize the performance of your industrial equipment with predictive maintenance

Industrial equipment and machinery are widely used in the manufacturing of various products and services. Such industrial equipment and machinery are part of critical business processes that can’t afford downtime or productivity losses. They are extremely sensitive to failure due to daily usage. Therefore, an optimized maintenance strategy for industrial equipment and machinery is essential to keep business operations running optimally. 

When your industrial equipment and machinery are operating 24/7, you can’t afford to figure out what’s wrong when something is broken. Predictive Maintenance helps manufacturers to anticipate component failures, and replace components before they fail. Get real-time insights into your industrial equipment and machinery performance, and keep your business operations running smooth.

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Say 'Yes' to new customers with predictive maintenance

Making your industrial equipment and machinery smart by integrating IoT sensors helps field engineers collect a constant stream of data about the health and performance of your assets. Data analytics helps make predictive maintenance decisions by detecting potential issues before they happen. 

Sensorfy’s IoT predictive maintenance platform for industrial equipment and machinery helps you optimize your maintenance strategy by reducing the need for routine manual inspections. As well as maximizes your industrial equipment and machinery uptime–an important factor for critical business operations!

Get on track with
predictive maintenance for industrial equipment and machinery
safe, reliable, and profitable operations
reliable maintenance operations
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Endless possibilities with predictive maintenance for industrial equipment and machinery

  • Real-time monitoring of the performance of your assets
  • Reduce downtime by detecting potential damages before they happen
  • Optimize the industrial machines and equipment maintenance and replacement strategy of spare parts
  • Actionable data on how to maximise uptime and operating hours. 
  • Reduce life cycle costs by efficient use of your industrial machines and equipment
  • Serve more customers with the same amount of technical engineers

Measure the right KPIs of your industrial equipment's performance

Having the right information about your industrial equipment and machinery is essential for delivering safe, reliable, and profitable business operations. Our smart sensor systems monitor changes in the conditions of your assets and use the changes to optimize your scarce maintenance resources for industrial assets that actually need maintenance.

Our custom-made industrial IoT sensors for industrial machines and equipment can measure 

  • Vibrations
  • Friction 
  • Noise 
  • Heat 
  • Humidity 
  • Power consumption
  • Movement smoothness
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industrial machine at a smart factory
industrial machine_cnc machine
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Get the most out of your industrial equipment and machinery

  • Real-time monitoring of industrial machines and equipment performance
  • Keeping track of the wear and tear of your assets 
  • Maximizes uptime and operating hours 
  • Optimized maintenance operations 
  • Reduce industrial machines and equipment downtime and related costs
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

Customer cases

Johan ZelanderVossloh Nordic Switch Systems AB

Vossloh's smart sensor solution helps avoid unplanned downtime due to switch malfunctions, increase the efficiency of maintenance work and thus significantly boosts track availability.

Rene PanmanTrust Category Manager

Together with Trust, Sensorfy developed the next-generation smart bridge to make consumers home smart. With the new smart bridge, customers can connect all their smart devices to it and control everything from the app

Lex van der PoelManaging Director

We supported Dual Inventive with industrial design for their innovative railway technology, which reduces the international capacity problem and makes railroad maintenance safer.

Dick van de VenProduct Design

To prevent eggs from breaking during transportation, Sensorfy developed an electronic egg packed with motion and vibration sensors. These sensors register all movements of a fresh egg on the conveyer belt.

Supplier Door SolutionsGlobal Manufacturer

To ensure an operational time of over 98%, Sensorfy equipped automatic sliding doors with with vibration sensors. Our customer is now able to schedule maintenance well in advance and prevent unplanned downtime.

Transform your industrial equipment and machinery maintenance with Sensorfy

We’ve built a smart predictive maintenance IoT platform that ensures the highest industrial IoT standards for industrial equipment and machinery. We integrate smart wireless sensors and advanced analytics to enable predictive maintenance to monitor your industrial machines and equipment in real-time.

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