ICBIS offers you
realtime waste control
superb customer service
easy implementation
no vendor lock-in
total asset management
proven Dutch technology
a risk-free pilot
ICBIS toegangscontroller in ondergrondse container

A smart combination of hardware and software

Is your waste control still organized the old way? With access controllers that run on outdated IT protocols and software that hardly keeps up with today’s requirements.

Join the modern way of managing waste. With the ICBIS waste control platform you protect yourself from wasting time, making high expenses and dealing with upset users.

ICBIS dashboard demo

No vendor lock-in

Do your containers still work well or would you like to purchase them elsewhere? No problem.

ICBIS smart access controllers are easy to install in nearly any container brand. And our software CMS can be operated as a standalone solution, or linked to the access controllers for realtime insights. The choice is up to you.

ICBIS handheld demo interface

Realtime control from wherever you are

One dashboard to rule ’em all! Get a complete and clear overview of all your waste assets.

Rely on ICBIS to automatically send a notification when containers are (almost) full or trash is placed next to it. This helps you keep the environment clean, reduce costs and prevent complaints.

Why customers talk about ICBIS

maintenance employee checking a predictive maintenance dashbaord
Sensorfy team brainstorming for a client session
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Ridiculously fast and easy implementation

Stop being tricked into the old way of doing long, difficult and expensive implementations. With ICBIS, you can implement hardware and software independently from each other.

Access controllers can easily be installed in any existing container. And our software CMS is set up in half a day. We’ll start after a morning coffee, and get the job done before lunch.

ICBIS route optimalisatie demo

AI-powered route optimization

Are your containers still being emptied on a fixed schedule? Without a distinction between empty, half full or overfull.

Stop wasting valuable time, fuel and equipment. Embrace the modern approach: our smart sensors predict when a container will be full. ICBIS automatically adds each almost-full container to the pick-up scheme and generates the most optimal route for your trucks.

Team Sensorfy uitsnede

Service you haven’t experienced before

Are you used to slow response times, high unexpected invoices and no flexibility to make system adjustments yourself? Stop working the old way.

A partnership should be sustainable for both parties. Call us any day of the week for support (or come over for a coffee), make system adjustments yourself, and get upfront insights in costs if you do prefer help from our tech team.

How to get started

Join the modern way of waste control.

Schedule a call
Discuss your challenges with us
and get an ICBIS demo.
Test it out
Run a temporary pilot first
to keep your investment risk free.
Manage waste, better
Control waste the modern way
and save time, money and equipment.

Made in The Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • ICBIS is a product fully powered by Sensorfy
  • All technology is designed, built and tested in Eindhoven
  • Rely on 8+ years of experience in IoT development

We’re an ambitious organization driven by the purpose of enabling circular economies through smart technology.

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These industry leaders trust in Sensorfy

In Sensorfy, we found a forward leaning partner, and succeeded in developing a value-creating product. This is just the beginning.

Johan Zelander
Johan Zelander
Project Manager

Sensorfy is an extension to our own R&D team. Their antenna specialists managed to double the range of our gateway. They really think out-of-the-box and we highly value their drive to deliver outstanding quality.

rene trust zoom
Rene Panman
Category Manager Smart Home

Sensorfy helped us enhance customer satisfaction and reduce unplanned downtime.

Bernardus Holtrop DBI Container Service
Bernardus Holtrop
Managing Director

The development process with Sensorfy was very valuable and we significantly reduced our Time to Market.

Lex van der Poel Dual Inventive
Lex van der Poel
Managing Director

Join the modern way of waste control

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