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ICBIS is the most user friendly waste control platform
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Combining smart hardware and software

Is your waste control still organized the old way? With access controllers that run on outdated IT protocols and software that hardly keeps up with today’s requirements? It’s time to join the modern way of managing waste. With ICBIS you protect yourself from wasting time, facing high expenses and dealing with upset users.

Monitor all your industrial assets in real-time

No vendor-lock in

Do your containers still work well or would you like to purchase them elsewhere? No problem. Our smart access controllers can be integrated with nearly any container brand. And our software CMS can be operated as a standalone solution, or be linked to the access controllers for real-time insights. The choice is up to you.

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Prevent security breaches and reduce data costs

Prevent security breaches and reduce data costs

The smarter your devices, the better your security. Stay clear from IoT cyber attacks by preventing centralized transport and storage of data. Sensorfy processes sensor data near your waste equipment, with Edge technology. Benefit from robust security, reduced data transmission costs, and better application performance.

Lengthen the lifetime of your industrial assets

Lengthen the lifetime of your assets

By embracing accurate predictive monitoring, waste management companies improve both the uptime and lifetime of their assets. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) goes up. Together we limit the capital expenditure in waste control AND contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Customer cases

Johan ZelanderVossloh Nordic Switch Systems AB

Vossloh's smart sensor solution helps avoid unplanned downtime due to switch malfunctions, increase the efficiency of maintenance work and thus significantly boosts track availability.

Rene PanmanTrust Category Manager

Together with Trust, Sensorfy developed the next-generation smart bridge to make consumers home smart. With the new smart bridge, customers can connect all their smart devices to it and control everything from the app

Lex van der PoelManaging Director

We supported Dual Inventive with industrial design for their innovative railway technology, which reduces the international capacity problem and makes railroad maintenance safer.

Dick van de VenProduct Design

To prevent eggs from breaking during transportation, Sensorfy developed an electronic egg packed with motion and vibration sensors. These sensors register all movements of a fresh egg on the conveyer belt.

Supplier Door SolutionsGlobal Manufacturer

To ensure an operational time of over 98%, Sensorfy equipped automatic sliding doors with with vibration sensors. Our customer is now able to schedule maintenance well in advance and prevent unplanned downtime.

Bernardus HoltropManaging Director

Together with DBI, Sensorfy developed a real-time access control mechanism for industrial waste containers. The control system is connected to the cloud 24/7 and helped DBI to improve customer satisfaction significantly.

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